Overdue Update from September

I’m in college now, doing great! I hope to keep up the pace of good grades. The term ends in less than two weeks then it’s on to the next…without a break.

The kids are going pretty good. We’ve hit a few bumps in the road with my daughter (P) starting Pre-school. Mainly the lack of nap but we’re working with the school on that. She just turned 4 and still needs naps during the day otherwise she is a HOT MESS when we get home.

P started soccer a few weeks ago and, to quote my friend Jessica, she spends most of her time picking daisies and doing jazz hands. At least she is out there and learning. Eventually, she’ll participate, it just might take a while.

She is also taking violin lessons. She is VERY enthusiastic about them and the purchase of her first violin has helped with that.

I’ve unfortunately taken a hiatus from violin lessons for myself. Once I start the next term, I might have a better idea of my schedule but with school, a pre-schooler in violin and soccer, a toddler, and an unpredictable spousal schedule (who is also playing soccer), it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Yes, I could probably fit in the lessons but I wouldn’t have time to practice….that kind of defeats the purpose.