A Life Mostly Adjusted

After over 4 months without the Internet, we finally have the Internet. It’s less data and more money per month than what we were hoping for but at least we have it. It’s not enough data to stream music, download movies from iTunes, or even Skype with our friends and family but we can check our email and waste countless hours on Facebook and Pinterest. (Guess who’s doing that? Hint: it might be me.)

We finally bought a satellite box for AFN (American Forces Network). We (I) bought it out of desperation. After over 4 months of DVDs, we finally have 10 awesome channels and commercials. They aren’t the commercials we had hoped for but at least now I know to be aware of my surroundings. Thank you, AFN produced commercials. I just want ONE Tide laundry detergent commercial…. just one.

The house is somewhat organized-ish. There is a lot of uncertainty in that sentence. I had hoped everything would be in order in 3 months. It’s not. We emptied all of our boxes, put items almost where they belong, then saved some empty boxes to hold items that didn’t belong anywhere (aka: we should have gotten rid of them before we left). Now those boxes are scattered about my house, almost in the same manner they were when we first moved in.

 I’m constantly rethinking of ways to make life run smoother. I think I’d have more success if I stabbed concrete walls with a toothpick.

With all of these broken hopes and dreams of what I thought would be my idyllic life in Germany, I can see how the life described above can seem so negative…. but it’s not. 
For as long as I can remember, I have prayed to God for patience. Please, Lord, teach me patience. Please, God, help me find patience. He certainly did that.

These are not broken hopes and dreams, these are God’s fruitful blessings in my life. These are His lessons that I asked for.

Thank you, God, for the gift of patience.

Now onto fantastic happenings!

Last month, I applied to two colleges for an online Bachelors of Science in Respiratory Care. Just the other day, I got the best email in the world! I was accepted into one of the colleges. The other one hasn’t made a decision yet. Being accepted into a program is such a relief. For almost a decade, I have regretted not continuing with my education to earn a Bachelors degree. Now, it’s finally happening!

The kids seem to be adjusting. The first few months were torture. I’d rather have a root canal without pain medicine than relive those three months. But we’re not entirely out of the woods. My children still act like Thing 1 and Thing 2 when I take them out into the world. I think I’ve pretty much given up on getting them to listen. Honestly, I have. There are only so many times you can say, “Please stop crawling under the table!” before you just let them…. I know, I’m a defeated parent and it’ll only hurt my children. I keep thinking that the next day will be better. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. But I think we’re starting to have more good days than bad.

Our dog has now become a fat, lazy Beagle. He no longer escapes into the neighborhood. The development of cat-like reflexes on my part has helped considerably in that arena. However, he still manages to find that ONE poopy diaper and rip it to smithereens after I’ve just mopped the floor.

I think I’ll pray for understanding from now on. Maybe in a few years, it’ll happen.

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